my current taping gear is:

a pair of soundman OKM-2 klassik microphones (omni-directional, takes up to 100dB)
a pair of soundman OKM-2 rock/studio microphones
(omni-directional, selected pair, takes up to 120dB)
both with adaptor A3
(battery power, bass roll-off and -20dB switch)

a Sony SBM-1 20bit adaptor (not modified)
a Sony TCD D100 DAT recorder

a custom-made, high-end RCA-to-RCA* cable, 2m
various cables & connectors
(e.g. XLR to RCA, 6.3mm Mono Jack to RCA, 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2x RCA)
*in Germany they're known as 'cinch'-cables

i mainly use Maxell DATs (DM180 and DM120). however, i've occasionally used DDS tapes.

(pictures to follow)


a Turtlebeach Fiji ISA-soundcard (old, but good!) for bit-perfect transfers
a Sony RMD-100K remote control set
(offers SP/DIF in- und outputs, both optical and RCA... does anyone really need the remote control?)


working with:

Steinberg's WaveLab 4.x with various plug-ins (incl. the 'Mastering Edition')
Adobe Audition
(fomerly Cool Edit Pro)
running on a Pentium III 600MHz computer on Win98
(yeah, i know it's outdated. but it's working)
a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990pro headphones


tools & software:

Feurio! (best audio cd burning software ever!), Nero
Traders' Little Helper (TLH): shn, flac & ape conversion, checksum creation & verification

formerly I used a Sharp MD702 mini-disk recorder and a Sony ECM 717 microphone.

latest shows taped (these are never for sale, but feel free to ask for a b&p deal.):
jackie leven - 2005-11-18 frankfurt (sbd)
jackie leven - 2005-11-22 stuttgart (sbd/aud-mix)
elliott murphy - 2006-03-08 strasbourg (sbd)
elliott murphy - 2006-03-12 frankfurt (sbd)
elliott murphy - 2006-03-14 karlsruhe (sbd)
elliott murphy - 2006-03-16 solingen (sbd, not yet transferred to cdr)
jackie leven - 2006-04-04 augsburg (sbd)
jackie leven - 2006-04-05 nürnberg (sbd)
jackie leven - 2006-06-20 solingen (sbd)
jackie leven - 2006-06-21 essen (sbd)
jackie leven - 2006-09-11 frankfurt (sbd)
rachelle van zanten - 2006-09-12 offenburg (sbd)

jackie leven - 2006-09-12 offenburg (sbd)
joseph parsons & tom gillam - 2006-10-31 neustadt (sbd)